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At Meow3D we do a lot more than meets the eye. Do you have any idea? Need something for your friend? Office? Boss? Company? We work with a variety of companies and individuals to realize their dreams whether it's Swag for your office or designing a toy for your self or loved one. Need a gift? We've got you covered. For instance we recently completed a job for multi billion dollar Chinese telecommunications company Tencent (Owns WeChat and is considered the Google of China) they contacted us with a mission impossible - create 150 hand painted Tencent Penguins for a large event they were hosting in under a month’s time. 

We designed the model they wanted based on their company mascot, helped them with design and creative, created a limited edition line just for them and prepared a certificate of authenticity for their employees. We're happy to say we delivered on time and they were beyond pleased with the quality.

We accomplished our goal and walked away with a nice testimonial from Tencent. 

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