Niteowl x Meow

Introducing a Limited run of six (2 already sold) one of a kind NiteOwl Catch All's. 3D printed by Meow3D, hand-painted by Oakland's legendary NiteOwl.

Meow3D has been working with Naito Oru aka Nite Owl for some time - while creating awesome work we've successfully bridged the gap between art and 3D printing creating multiple one of a kind works of Art. Own your own today at Meow3D's online shop. 

Limited Edition NiteOwl's Available are listed below

Black Panther Owl - One of a Kind - $100 

Baby Blue Owl in the Sky with diamonds! - One of a kind - $100

Woody The Owl - made with a hybrid wood and biodegradable plastic fiber - One of a kind - $100

The Real NITEOWL - Glow in the dark - 1 of 1 - One of a kind - $100 1 of 1